pls explain me how to study maths

pls explain

me how to study maths


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11 years ago

First of all you must select enough study material for practicing maths 

I suggest to buy a book named TMH available in market

Then prepare a time table for studies

Remember that maths is a subject which requires daily practice so prepare the time table in such a way that you are able to give maths enough time daily

Then the task is upto you that what are your remembering and understanding potential 

Only the thing is that you must work hard

BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vamsi sai krishna paidi
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11 years ago

hi ravi.The main thing you should remember while studying maths is that you should learn it conceptually.lets leave the fear and learn matjs with we are all iit aspirants we should learn how to apply differnt concepts of luck to u on ur future

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