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Grade: 12

hello!sir i want t ask out of usit cs and dce chemical, enviro,civil whih on to chose? what isavg and highest pckg o usit in ip and if dce is  better than usit than which branch to chose. i got nit kurshtra industrial but i am not intrstd in it so iam not taking admsn in it .is it right dcsn

10 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert Shine
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DCE chemical would be a better choice than any of the others . DCE is a very good institute with good infra and also a good placement record.

For B.Tech students, Salary will be propotional to his ability & talent. There will be no much differences in the salary range for students in top level institutions like IITs, BITS & NITs or DCE.
But I am here provide you average salary range in these institutions for the last 5 years.
All IITs - Rs 525000/year OR 43750/month
BITs - Rs 475000/year OR 39500/month
NIT Trichy - Rs 400000/year OR 33000/month

Engineers get paid depending on their specialty and their skills, but even the lowest paid are above the median anywhere. Civil, industrial and manufacturing engineers are typically paid lowest, starting out, right out of college, in the US, at maybe $45,000/year. Chemical engineers right out of college will make $57-$60,000 or more. On average, an engineer will make about twice the starting salary when he retires (correcting for inflation, of course). Mechanical Engineers start at salaries about $5000/yr less, on average, than Chemical Engineers. Chem Es have been the highest paid for most of the last 50 years or more.


USIT is nowhere even close to DCE , so do not even think twice before taking up DCE over USIT.

10 years ago
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