Differentiate Sin^2 x with respect to e^ cosx

Differentiate Sin^2 x with respect to e^ cosx


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Sajin SS
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9 years ago

Dear Aswathi

 we know that dy/dz can be written as

                 dy/dz = (dy/dx) / (dz/dx)

So here, y=sin^2x & z = e^cosx

  so dy/dx = 2 sinx cosx           &          dz/dx = -sinx (e^cosx)

Thus , your answer is

             (dy/dx) / (dz/dx) = - (2cosx / e^cosx)

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Harshal Sureshbhai Davda
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9 years ago

I think answer is

=2*(sin x)*e^(-cos x)

Kushagra Madhukar
askIITians Faculty 629 Points
one year ago
Dear student,
Please find the solution to your question.
Let, y = sin2x and z = ecosx
dy/dx = 2sinx.cosx  ;    dz/dx = ecosx.( – sinx)
Now, dy/dz = (dy/dx).(dx/dz) = (dy/dx)/(dz/dx)
= 2sinxcosx/( – ecosxsinx)
= – 2cosx.e–cosx
Thanks and regads,

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