differntiate: y= xlog 10 x y= x-1/log 2 x


y= xlog10 x

y= x-1/log2



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Godfrey Classic Prince
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12 years ago

Dear Shreya Chandwadkar,

In the first question use the UV formula ...

UV=UV/ + VU/

I am getting the answer to be ...

y=x*1 / x ln10 + log10 x

In the second question use the U/V formula...

U/V = VU/-UV/ / V2

I am getting the answer to be ..

y= [log2x - (x-1)*1/xln2] / (xlog2)2

Please simplfy the second answer ...for your practice dear !!

Hope this helped you...

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Abhishek Panhale
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12 years ago

y= x logv10 x

dy/dx= x * logx/log10

        =1/log10[ x d(logx)/dx + logx d(x)/dx]

        =1/log10[ x/x + logx]

        =1/log10[ 1 + logx]

        =1/log10 + logv10 x

as simple as dat!!!!

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