find the period of- 1 |sinx|-|cosx| 2 ?????? |cosx|+|sinx|

find the period of-

1  |sinx|-|cosx|

2 ?????? |cosx|+|sinx|


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ashish sharma
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12 years ago

sinx|-|cosx|= 0

Tirthankar Paul
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12 years ago

Ans of 2:

from the graph of Sin x + cos x, we see that the period is 2π, for its modulus function, the negative part of the graph will just be reversed. we should get the period π for that case

shubham garg
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12 years ago

i feel the answer to both the questiomns should be pie.


this is because the period of sin x is 2 pie and period |sin x| is pie.

hence the similarly for cos x is 2 pie and |cos x|  is pie.


there fore for composite functions LCM of pie and pie is "pie".


tell me if the solution is not correct and for next time plzz also post the answer of the problem so that we may check if my appoach is correct.

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4 years ago
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