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What will Ido for NSEc as I am in 11th standard and want to qualify this and all syllabus is from 12th

What will Ido for NSEc as I am in 11th standard and want to qualify this and all syllabus is from 12th 


1 Answers

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2 years ago
  • Take regular online practice tests: There are a number of online practice tests available for you to evaluate yourself.  Keep taking these tests, and ensure that you score a minimum of 95% in them.

  • Be tough with yourself: Remember again that you will be competing against the best. Be very tough on yourself, both in preparation and in marking.

  • Take advantage of online resources: There are a number of online resources available to supplement your study material; you just have to look for them. 

  • Be sure to study Organic chemistry: The Indian Chemistry Olympiad and the International Chemistry Olympiad ask a wide variety of topics from organic chemistry.  Some of the topics asked are basic reactions, nomenclature, stereochemistry, Sn1, Sn2, E1 and E2 reactions.

  • Visit forums: If you can’t attend special classes for your training, visit forums on chemistry and participate in the discussions.  They are normally very informative and will give you preparation pointers too.

  • Work hard: Finally, there is no substitute for consistent hard work.  It is only when you really apply yourself that you will be able to get the results you are aiming for.

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