sir, please tell me why students donot opt for architecture at IIT. thank you.

please tell me why students donot opt for architecture at IIT.
thank you.

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bharat bajaj IIT Delhi
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9 years ago
Thebig positives:
  • Great peers. Intellectual interactions.
  • Passionate atmosphere. Be it drama, start-ups, music. You get into a society, you become passionate about it. That's the way it works for life.
  • The beautiful course of Architecture. You may not like drawing or sitting in front of a computer to make structures all day long(nights too). But the coursework is a perfect blend of history, sociology, psychology, management, engineering and design. Something you don't get in
The big negatives:
  • 5 year course. You might want to reconsider B.Des or a B.Tech in any other IIT if you're getting one. Because you're getting a bachelor's degree in 5 years.
  • Work load versus placements. There's no doubt that architecture students in IIT will be the most busy all year round, with regular submissions. You'll look at your mates sleeping peacefully or watching TV series all day long and long to do so(of course, I've exaggerated a bit. You get time, but less time- that's what time management is all about. Look at the bright side, you learn time management) But at the time of placements, you see that even after working day and night the other guy gets a better job. But then again, that's life.Thanks
  • Bharat BajajIIT Delhi
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