iit bhu cse( dual ) or dce cse or ece iit guwahati?

iit bhu cse( dual ) or dce cse or ece iit guwahati?


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askIITians Faculty 74 Points
9 years ago
Hello student,
IIt bhu cse dual degree is better from all the above options and it has very good placements
All the best for your future
Thanks and Regards
Shaik Aasif
askIITians faculty
Vineet Vinayak
22 Points
9 years ago
go to dce/nsit if you want to enjoy good social life, get distracted, not study and learn anything, and get lots of free time and good placements. faculty and syllabus is really not good there, and there are too many distractions there. good students work hard and on their own to get good placements. dce only gives its brand name and placement opportunities, nothing else. in my opinion:
cse bhu>ece guw>>cs dce>cs nsit
cse at bhu is seriously good, but if you truly like and want to study hardcore and interesting concepts go for ece guwahati. you wont waste your time in the iits that you have chosen, but dce and nsit will get you into many distractions, so choose wisely. iiit hyd is much better than bhu cse, just in case you have cleared their cutoff as well.
all the best

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