How is Electrical & Electronics Engg. (EEE) at IITG? Is it better than Electrical engg. at IIT Hyderabad?

How is Electrical & Electronics Engg. (EEE) at IITG? Is it better than Electrical engg. at IIT Hyderabad?

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Vasanth SR
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5 years ago
EE and EEE are somewhat different. EE is concerned with using electricity to transmit energy.Electrical engineering is to deal with the problems associated with large-scale electrical, power transmission and motor control. EEE concerned with using electricity to transmit information. Electronic engineering deals with the study of small-scale electronic systems including computers and integrated circuits

Electrical Engineering deals with high power voltages(generally more than 50 v) and generally consists of basic electronics and more of power system. Core area of Electrical system includes Electrical Technology and Machines,circuit analysis,electronics,electromagnetism,control system,power engineering and transmission and distribution.

Electronics and Communication Engineering deals with low power(generally less than 50 v) and contains basic of Electrical Machines and more of Integrated Circuits and Communication system. Its core area includes analog transmission,basic electronics,solid state devices,microprocessors,digital and analog communication,Integrated Circuits,antenna and wave propagation,satellite communication,microwave engineering and optical fiber communication. It also deals with manufacturing of electtronics devices,circuits and communication equipment.Electronics is one of the branch of Electrical and Communication part is generally studied under Electrical Engineering as Telecommunications. So,Electrical is the core branch for ECE,ETC and EIE.Basic difference comes in these 2 branch as Electronics generally consists of memory part while Electrical generaaly deals with generation and transmission of power

Some colleges might have just given the designation as EE For EEE while the courses being taught include both Electrical and Electronics. This is because EE could also stand for electrical & electronics

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