Hiiiii..... Sir I'm a stustud of class 9 and I'm trying to prepare for NTSE suggest me something more about NTSE career options. I have much intrest in commerce +maths

Sir I'm a stustud of class 9 and I'm trying to prepare for NTSE suggest me something more about NTSE career options. I have much intrest in commerce +maths


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Anish Singhal
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4 years ago
NTSEis a talent based evaluation system scientifically designed for class X students. It measures individual’s strengths and weaknesses on the basis of the concepts learnt at school.Close to 300,000 students(a largely self selective group of students) appear in this scholarship exam every year, and 1,000 scholarships are awarded, out of which 775 are not reserved.From an exciting and wonderful preparation journey, anNTSE scholar has several things to look forward to in high school and beyond. Apart from a definite highlight in your CV, some of the advantages of being anNTSE scholar are:

The Central government awards scholarships to NTSE scholars for pursuing studies in sciences and social sciences up till doctoral level. In case of a professional course like engineering or medicine, the scholarship is granted up to postgraduate level. 1000 scholarships, each of 500 INR per month is given to scholars from Class XI onwards. The scholarship for PhD programs is as per theUGCstandards.
Being anNTSE scholar instills supreme confidence to crack such competitive exams in future. Almost every classmate of yours at IIT is an NTSE topper or scholar. Studying to become an NTSE scholar is about understanding the concepts clearly. This preparation will certainly be useful when you take your competitive exams likeAIPMT,JEE, CLAT, etc.
If you are aspiring to opt for advanced studies out of the country, then you have an edge over others as anNTSE scholar. It also acts as a differentiator to choose whether to apply for MS/MBA. Those applying for US scholarships get additional marks for being an NTSE qualifier. The universities abroad are familiar with NTSE and give preference to candidates who have qualified the exam.
Some colleges in India have seats reserved exclusively for NTSE scholars. This prestigious exam is your gateway to an excellent college in future. You can surpass admission tests of colleges to gain direct entry to the college of your choice.
‘NTSE scholar’ on resume is an added advantage when you apply for jobs or interviews. An NTSE scholar is given preference in government jobs as well. It is indeed helpful when appearing for interviews for IFS, IAS, IRS, IPS, etc.
NTSE Scholars also get benefits during NDA selections.
NTSE scholars can enjoy discounts on course materials and books at high school level so they afford to buy some very important and expensive books. In case a student needs to apply for admission to another school then NTSE scholars are always preferred.

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