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veluri hasita Grade: 12

Mr Kishan , can you be nice to answer? After lot of home work, I scaled down my choices to dual degree in electrical dept /' E E CE either in Madras or KGP. Can you please tell us about the facilities faculty, placements , respect of the dual degrees in electricals/EECE in KGP? You spoke of certain universities admitting students directly to Ph.D after the M Tech dual degrees. Can you please name some and if not please inform whether they are Indian universities or Others. I read that the student can choose specialisation for M Tech after 3 years in KGP depending on the performcnce ( CPI). Is it true ? Are there any cases where the students have been given the credits of MINORs ? how are they helpful . On a cursory reading dual degrees in electrical in KGP are more flexible than Madras. Can you clarify?. In all which would you rate better between the two Electrical in Madras or KGP?

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Kishan IIT Kharagpur
46 Points

Hey Veluri

Answering your queries one by one -

1) It is difficult to compare dual degree in EE from Kgp and Madras as they are bound to be different from each other in many respects. However, the rank which will fetch you a dual degree in electrical at IITM will also fetch you Dual Degree in ECE from Kgp. You could go for the ECE option if you prefer that over electrical engineering itself.

2) With regard to placements, faculty etc, it is very dificult to quantify. However, you must know that both these IITs have 100% placements every year, and each of them have very reputed faculty. In general, placements in any department at IIT Kgp is better than that in madras, while a lot more students from madras end up doing PhD's than from Kgp.

3) Quite a few foreign universities admit students with dual degrees directly to their PhD programmes. I am afraid i do not have exact examples, but there are quite a few students who have obtained an admission to PhD with a dual degree that I know in universities in US.

4) Regarding specialisation after third year happens in IIT Kharagpur. If you have the required CGPA, you can shift from one dual degree specialisation in the department to another. However, you should note that this is possible only if one department in an IIT offers more than one specialisations in Dual degree. i.e you cannot choose a mechanical specialisation in M Tech with a BTech in electronics.

5) Minors in IIT Kgp are awarded if you do certain number of extra courses, i.e taking more courses than in the course curriculum. You can do a minor from any department. Suppose you have a degree in electronics and you want to change fields and enter the finance sector for job, then a minor in economics will be particularly helpful to you. Similarly, if you have a BTech in mechanical engineering and a minor in aerospace engineering, you will find it easier to apply for a PhD in aeronautical engineering than a pure mechanical engineer.

6) It is very difficult to compare two IITs. Having been a student at IIT Kharagpur myself, I can assure you that IIT Kharagpur is a pretty nice place if you want to enrol as an undergraduate student.


Askiitians Expert

Kishan Srinivas


7 years ago
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