can you tell where to get detailed information on the placements by the iits?

can you tell where to get detailed information on the placements by the iits?


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Placements of IIT's are best .. as these are the best collage of technology and engg. in india.  Over the years IIT placements have been instrumental in getting several students into top companies across India and abroad. The various IITs such as IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Guwahati and IIT Kanpur have their own procedures in placing their students in leading corporate houses. The IITs enjoys a strong brand image both in India and in the international job market.

The IITs across various cities in India invite companies mainly from the Information Technology (IT) sector. Some of the past recruiters at IIT Madras include McKinsey, Analog, Cosmic Circuits, Lehman Brothers, Capital One, Reliance Industries, Google India, Murugappa Group and Morgan Stanley among others. Pass-outs from the various IITs all over India have a huge demand in the IT sector. In addition to leading Indian companies, many software and automobile companies from abroad also recruit students from the different IITs.

IT placements procedures generally differ from place to place, with a few processes remaining common. IIT Bombay sends invitations to various companies with appropriate information and a Job Announcement Form (JAF). The placement office at IIT Madras also sends placement invitation letters to the companies along with a summary of the courses available at the institution. The companies that wish to participate in the recruitment process are required fill in an employer registration form, which is generally attached with the placement invitation letter from the respective IITs. After the concerned companies accept the invitation, a mutual suitable date is finalized for the recruitment process.

I hope all this information will help ...

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