Why are holes in earth's ozone layer a problem?

Why are holes in earth's ozone layer a problem?


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Vikas TU
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8 years ago
 Pollution encompasses so many things. We have managed to ban the use of Freon and reduced the menace of a hole in the ozone layer. 

We should reduce the release of CO2 coming from fossil fuel because even if we are not sure how it will end, a certain global warming is noticed and it is not likely to stop at once. 

Other pollutants like sulfuric acid will probably be absorbed by nature. After all, it has been released by volcanoes for as long the earth has existed. 

Heavy metals is another problem. It gets into the food chain and we can't get rid of it. True, it is mostly a marine problem: that's where most heavy metals end their days. 

Our greatest challenge for the future is how to control the population explosion. Then, how to provide clean energy and clean water to everyone. 
E. Prathish
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8 years ago
Simple answer to this question is that as you must know that ozone layer acts as shield of earth against the harmful radiations coming from space.It is like an soldier is the earth here and his bullet proof vest a shield against bullets.If there is no bullet proof ves the soldier would die.Similarly is there is no ozone layer there is a high chance of human annihilation or simply death.This is the most common reason for need of ozone layer without a hole.
shubham sharda
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8 years ago
The hole in the ozone layer in the earth’s upper atmosphere (stratosphere) reduces the greenhouse effect because ozone is a greenhouse gas. However, ozone is needed in the stratosphere where it occurs naturally to filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 
Ozone in the lower atmosphere (troposphere) is created by chemical reactions between pollutants and sunlight. Ozone in the troposphere is dangerous to human health because it can cause lung damage and other cardiopulmonary problems when breathed.

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