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Grade: 12th pass
what is the role of oxwald tippo
in artificial system of classification
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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Oswald Tippo (born in 1911), formerly of the University of Illinois and now of the New York University of U.S.A. published an outline of a projected classification in 1942. He claims no originality for his system. Tippo’s system is a compilation of systems proposed by G. Smith (1938) for non-vascular plants and by A.J. Eames (1936) for vascular plants.

Synopsis of Tippo’s System (1942):

Kingdom Plantae:

Sub-kingdom, I. Thallophyta. Plant forming no embryos. 

Phylum 1. Cyanophyta. 

Phylum 2. Euglenophyta. 

Phylum 3. Chlorophyta. 

Phylum 4. Chrysophyta. 

Phylum 5. Phaeophyta. 

Phylum 6. Rhodophyta. 

Phylum 7. Schizomycophyta. 

Phylum 8. Myxomycophyta. 

Phylum 9. Eumycophyta. 

Sub-kingdom II. Embryophyta. Plants forming embryos. 

Phylum 1. Bryophyta or Atracheata. Plants without vascular tissues. 

Phylum 2. Tracheophyta or Tracheata. Plants with vascular tissues. 

Sub-phylum 1. Psilopsida. Root-less and leafless vascular plants. 

Sub-phylum 2. Lycopsida. Scale like leaves and simple vascular tissues in plants. 

Sub-phylum 3. Sphenopsida. Jointed, ribbed stem; scale like leaves and simple vascular tissues in plants. 

Sub-phylum 4. Pteropsida. Large leaves and complex vascular tissues in plants. 

Class 1. Filicineae. 

Class 2. Gymnospermae. 

Class 3. Angiospermae. 

Sub-class 1. Monocotyledonae. 

Sub-class 2. Dicotyledonae.

one year ago
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