what is meant by bio diversity and define biodiversity

what is meant by bio diversity and define biodiversity


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6 years ago
In our surrounding many living organism lives and they are not same kind of. They differ in morphology ,anatomy, and also in many other ways.this difference between living organism is called bio means living so totally it means diversity in living beings.
Sravan amar
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6 years ago
The simple thing is the life forms around us constitute total biodiversity Bio diversity explains about all the living forms in the earth without any disparity.....
Nikita karne
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5 years ago
Biodiversity word suggest that bios means living and diversity means verity that is verity in living organisms present on earth is knows as biodiversity.
Apurva Sharma
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5 years ago
Biodiversity simply refers to combined diversity at all levels of biological organization. i.e right from macromolecules within the cells, genes, species, ecosystems and biomes. 
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