In which year dwarf variety of wheat intro diced in india

In which year dwarf variety of wheat intro diced in india

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The Government of India appointed a commission in 1961 to assess the feasibility of increasing the crop productivity under prevailing Indian ecological conditions. The Commission consisted of Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Dr. N.E. Borlaug and many others and concluded that production level of Wheat could be increased, if suitable and superior germ-plasm / varieties were available in the country. The discovery of genes responsible for dwarfing and non-lodging habits in `Norin` Wheat varieties of Japan opened the doors to evolve high yielding varieties of Wheat. The dwarf Wheats, besides having stiffer and shorter straw, were relatively photo-insensitive and were capable of giving high yields at high doses of fertilisers, irrigation and other inputs. The Harvest Index (i.e. grain : straw ratio) was also more favourable in terms of grain production.After assessing the possibility of increasing the Wheat production in India, Wheat scientists introduced five dwarf Wheat varieties, viz, Lerma Rojo 64-A, Sonora 63, Sonora 64, Mayo 64 and S 227 along-with around 200 other breeding lines of dwarf Wheat through the courtesy of Rockefeller Foundation and Mexican Ministry of Agriculture in 1963.

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