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Grade: 12
i am facing problem in the nomenclature of male and female reproductive structures of a flower.
in some places it is written androcium and gynocium whereas in other megasporophyll and microsporophyll , pisitil carpel and all please clearify this topic.are they all same or if different then on what basis.
11 months ago

Answers : (2)

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The reproductive parts of a flower are actually the most important parts of a flower. This is because a flower’s main function is to reproduce so that the plant can pass on its genes. A flower usually reproduces by creating seeds that are then dispersed and eventually become new plants.

Female Reproductive Parts

The main female reproductive parts are the carpels, which are fused together in most flowers to form a pistil. The pistil is usually found in the center of the flower, and is essentially a home for the ovules, or eggs. A pistil has three parts: a sticky part at the top called a stigma, the thin tube leading downward called a style, and the sac at the bottom called an ovary. When the pollen, which is the male gamete (corresponding to sperm in animals), reaches the pistil, it often becomes stuck to the stigma. The pollen then travels down the style into the ovary, where it meets with the ovules and fertilizes them.

Male Reproductive Parts

The male reproductive parts are much simpler than the female ones. Called stamens, these reproductive organs are made up of two parts: anthers and filaments. The anther is the part of the organ that produces pollen, and the filaments hold up the anthers. There are often several stamens for every one pistil. This is because having multiple stamens increases the number of pollen grains available, which make it more likely than one of the pollen grains will become stuck to the stigma, travel down the style into the ovary, and fertilize the ovules to produce seeds.
11 months ago
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androceium -whorl of (stamen/single unit of whorl)
microsporophyll-rolled to form stamen in angiosperm
GYNOCIUM / CARPEL-whorl of( pistil/single unit of whorl )
2 months ago
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