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Explain the sexual cycle of Kingdom fungi? Explain double fertilization in angiosperms?
one year ago

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Fungi can reproduce through sexual means. Some of the characteristics of sexually reproducing fungi are −











  • Fungi may be dioecious or unisexual. These dioecious fungi are heterothallic.
  • Fungi may be monoecious or bisexual. These bisexual fungi are homothallic.
  • Gametes are formed within gametangium.



Types of sexual reproduction in fungi −











  • Isogamy − Fusing gametes are exactly alike in appearance and functions.

  • Anisogamy − Fusion of dissimilar gametes. In anisogamous forms both male and female gametes are motile.

  • Oogamy − Fusion of small male gamete with female gamete which is large and non-motile.



Characteristics of fungal sexual reproduction









  • If sexual reproduction occurs between two gametangia, such a fusion is called conjugation.

  • When gamentangia can be differentiated then male sex organs are called antheridiumand female organs are called oogonium.

  • Sexually fusion of gametes result in the formation of diploid oospores or zygospores.

one year ago
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