x^4+16x^3+86x^2+176x+120 solve

x^4+16x^3+86x^2+176x+120 solve


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Sourabh Singh IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty 2104 Points
8 years ago

Polynomial Long Division Dividing : x4+16x3+86x2+176x+120

("Dividend") By : x+6("Divisor")
dividend x4+16x3+86x2+176x+120
Remainder 0
Quotient : x3+10x2+26x+20
No w by applying the hit and trial method you can see that x= -2 is also a root to this equation and repeat the same procedure again to find a quadratic equation whose solution you can find with the help of sridharacharaya method and finally you will get the answers as

x= -2
x= -4 – sqrt(6)
x= -4 + sqrt(6)

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