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Grade: 12


Q.4 anwer for it please, answer as soon as possible.

6 months ago

Answers : (3)

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Dear student
It means the algebraic area made by the curve of |f(x)| from a to b.
Hope it helps.
Thanks and regards
6 months ago
Aditya Gupta
2056 Points
A(3, – 4, – 5) and B(2, – 3, 1).
let P(1, – 2, 7) divide this line in the ratio m:1.
so that vectorially,
i – 2j + 7k= [m(2i – 3j + k) + 1(3i – 4j – 5k)]/(m+1)
i(m+1) – 2(m+1)j + 7(m+1)k= i(2m+3) – j(3m+4) + k(m – 5)
so m+1= 2m+3 and 2(m+1)= 3m+4 and 7(m+1)= m – 5
or m= – 2.
since m is negative, it is clear that the division is external, so that P externally divides AB in the ratio (2:1).
note that in ur ans u have written (1:2), but P externally divides BA in the ratio (1:2), while it externally divides AB in the ratio (2:1), as can also be checked/verified on the online calculator onlineformulae. com / analytical/ratio3d . php (without spaces)
6 months ago
Vikas TU
12135 Points
Dear student 
Please ask only single question in  thread, 
We will happy to help you. 
Good Luck …......................
5 months ago
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