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Grade: 12th Pass
        In a certain town 25% families own a cell phone , 15% own a scooter and 65% won neither a cell or scooter . If 500 families own both cell phone and scooter then the total no of families in the town is ?
6 years ago

Answers : (3)

39 Points
							The way i solved is let total no of families be x . Therefore x = x(25+15+65)/100 -500 . Therefore x comes out to be 10000 but the answer is given as 30000 . Pls help . Where am i going wrong ?
6 years ago
Girish Kadam
askIITians Faculty
14 Points
							Dear Student,

Answer you have arrived at is correct. 30000 is not the right answer.  This is because if you take 35% of 30000 it is 10500 which should be equal to (25% of 30000 plus 15% of 30000) - 500 which is not coming. 

Where as if you check the same step for the answer that you have arrived at you will get these to be equal.
So your answer is correct.

Sunil Kumar,
6 years ago
13 Points
IN A COLONY 50 families own car and 25 own scooters 20 families neither own car or scooter find how many own both scooter and car 
I'm not getting the answer Plss help me
11 months ago
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