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How is arihant algebra for preparation of Jee advanced.

How is arihant algebra for preparation of Jee advanced.


3 Answers

Amogh Dasture
48 Points
5 years ago
i have seen students use arihant publications for jee mains oftenly. the book is good with lucid explanation and has good numericals in it. but i would suggest that if u r seriously planning for iit then go for cengage publications. cengage is most recommended for jee advanced. hope this helped
Sourabh Singh IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty 2104 Points
5 years ago
It’s good but not the necessary thing for JEE ADVANCE. you can go for the below written books.

NCERT class XI and class XII books (all students should start with these early)
For best concepts you can purchase ‘IIT Mathematics’ by ML Khanna
New Pattern IITJEE Mathematics of Arihant Publications by Dr SK Goyal
Books by SL Loney (Good for coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry)
RD Sharma
GN Bernnam – only use it for calculus as other sections are too advanced for JEE
209 Points
5 years ago
Since question is related to Algebra only the one book that others missed is Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight. Pick this book for theory part only and parallely refer to Arihant Algebra.  Avoid too many books.  

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