Complete notes of ch 3 mates and explation because of online classes I will don't know any thing

Complete notes of ch 3  mates and explation because of online classes I will don't know any thing


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Priyanshu Gujjar
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  1. The following comments were supplied by the OnLine classes, Spring 2000, Fall 2000 and Spring 2001. Perhaps their thoughts will be on interest to you at this point.
    • I have found this class very interesting and fast paced. Most of that will have to do not making enough time because of other classes and my full time job. I think another problem I have had is the fact I knew nothing about Geology when I started this class so it has been a little more difficult for me to grasp things. I think if I would have known more about the class, then this online class would have been a better decision for me. I think since I did not know anything made it difficult on where to begin with the information I needed. This class has definitely been a challenge which has made it fun for me.


    • I think this is a very good class in that you can look at all the information that would be presented in a traditional classroom setting. If you would like to look at the power point presentations at midnight it isn't a problem and their is the audio to go along with it. There also seems to actually be somewhat more information available with using the internet for this class because you really don't have to buy the book if you really don't want to because all the pertinent information that is covered in the tests is taken from the notes. The homeworks tend to lead up to the test with having to find the information from another source than the class webpage. This class I think is ideal for anybody who is still working a full time job or has kids, but also for anybody who doesn't want the hassle of driving to school and fighting traffic at least 2-3 times a week. The other benefits of this class is that it doesn't take any space on the course schedule to be a conflict with the time of other classes that people want to take during the semester instead of having to put them off until they don't conflict in the next semester.


    • This course is a good course to take provided that you can remain self-motivated throughout the semester. There are various ways to learn the material, and freedom to work when you have time and not in a highly structured environment. The longer assignments will take more effort, but on a whole a consistent amount of work is required throughout the semester.


    • This course is great in the fact that you are able to work at your own pace. This can also be the biggest disadvantage. You have to be a very disciplined and organized person to be successful in this course. The workload is more than you would expect. However, this can be used to your advantage as a tool for preparation and studying. If you can put yourself on a strict schedule, you can be very successful. Professor Butler gives you plenty of material to excel. If you don't do well, you really only have yourself to blame.


    • I have really enjoyed taking Geology over the internet. Being a single mom and working full-time, it has been so much easier than a regular lecture class. I enjoy having the freedom to work at my own pace. There is more work than a regular lecture class. But being able to work at home, I haven't minded it at all. Talking over the internet is almost as good as having the a full-time teacher in class. It's like having your teacher in your living-room. If I have the chance in the future to take another internet class I will.


    • The most important thing you can do for this class is to keep up with the schedule. Because your not in class with the instructor trying to keep tabs on your work, so you have to be more responsible to get your work done and there is too much to do the night before the test.


    • I had a great exprience with the course this semester. I think you all agreed with me that it is very convenient for people who work full time to take this course. Yes, there are a lot of reading material but the good thing is that you do not have to waste all those time driving back and forth to class. I learned so many interesting things that I would not have learned if I did not take this course. I recently went to Yosemite National Park because I read about the rock structure and saw how beautiful the place is. Let me tell you, the place is breath taking. The second thing that I love about this course is to be able to talk with you guys about different topic through out the communication forum. I think we talk more in this course with each other than in the class room environment. Sharing thoughts is a great thing. It is even better to share it with your classmate. I love this course. I will definitely take another one line course in the future if the format is the same with this class. It is a nice experience for me.


    • I have only used the powerpoint presentations and the audio clips a few times. However, I realize that i should have made better use of them. I feel that I made a mistake, by enrolling in an online class with such a busy schedule. Its really hard for me to "make" time for reading a quizzes. So, for this last chunk and the final, I am really going to apply all the resources that you have provided. In normal classes being in the classroom allows me to slack off on the reading because it is usually a repeat. 


    • In this online course, Dr. Butler gives you the opportunity to explore geology beyond the traditional textbook - for an online class, I think that's pretty amazing! The course is well-structured and the assignments will enhance your understanding of each week's topics. Dr. Butler communicates regularly and gives you a reference point so you know where you should be in the course in terms of your readings and assignments. This course is a lot of work - be prepared to manage your time wisely - it's time well spent! 


    • I spent more time on this online course than some of my other classes, so don't think this will be an easy course. There is so much information given here, organize and keep up with the assignments and reading. Dr. Butler is good at giving reminders and telling you where you should be each week. When preparing for tests, know everything you were quizzed on, and the Self-Tests are very helpful. This was a very interesting course.


    • While it's true that online courses will save you from having to drive to school and meet in a classroom, it must also be said that they require the utmost amount of self-discipline. It is very easy to put off the readings and exercises until the last minute because the fact that we don't meet with the instructor face-to-face twice a week makes it tempting to work on other courses and obligations before tackling the ones for this course. The trick is to manage your time well; always remember that this course, while convenient, still requires as much attention and dilligence as any other course. I must say that the weekly e-mails and reminders from Professor Butler were helpful in keeping me up to date with where I should be; the quizes, in particular, ensured that I read over the appropriate material on time. But it's really up to the student whether they will check their e-mails, pace themselves, and turn in the necessary work on the set deadlines. This course is actually very interesting, and if students don't place themselves in a position where they will constantly be pushing to make a deadline at the last minute, they will find the class very enjoyable and informative.


    • The only valuable advice that I think I can share with future students is to take the class seriously and do not procrastinate. This is not an easy class it demands alot of time and effort. Studying on a daily basis would be the best thing to do in order to master the material. This class should not be taken by slackers or those who are not really interested in Geology. It takes alot of dedication and time to stay on top of all the assignments. 


    • Keep up on the exercises, especally the long ones. Other wise you will be busy the night before the test working on the exercise and have no time to study for the test. I know that sounds obvious but time management is what an online class is all about.


    • I would add that it is very necessary to check in on your computer at least 2-3 times a week; otherwise you might miss something.

      Also, it helps to read ahead. If the syllabus is linked to the chapters like our class has been, it really made a difference in understanding some of the concepts by going over related chapters after reviewing the "assigned" ones. (for me, anyway) Extra surfing never hurt, either. There are thousands of great sites out there on geology, by groups and by students and teachers. They can help out if you need it!


    • I offer the following:


      • 1. have a home computer w/ internet access
        2. know your computer and how to make programs like Word and Works do what you want them to
        3. know how to surf the web
        4. know how to save sights so you can get back to them
        5. enjoy surfing the web
        6. be prepared for 'dead' links
        7. know how to work your e-mail
        8. be self-motivated
        9. be able to learn information from the computer screen (as opposed to hard copies)
        10. be comfortable communicating with the instructor via e-mail

      I think the most important point however is they really must be comfortable with their computer and enjoy web surfing! I know if I was not such a computer/internet junkie this online class would have been miserable!!
    • My advice to a student contemplating an online course is they need to be self motivated to do the reading and keep up with the class notes. Don't think that you can take an online course and it will be easier because it is not, it still demands a lot of time but it is more flexible. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. It also adds different learning styles, hands on, lecturing, reading, etc.. 
    • Taking on on-line class has been a learning experiance in its self. You have to be willing to sit and really reaserch the material well. I can't belive it is almost April!
    • The resources made available added to broaden my knowledge and actually allow me to enjoy the course and Geology as a whole . I don't think i would have enjoyed the class that much if not for the resources. They gave me a better understanding of some of the natural processes that we see everyday and do not appreciate and so now i actually do appreciate them.
    • Too much data, too little time. Yet, I'm doing OK thus far (except the math [its more than algebra]).
    • Internet Download times add a great deal of time to viewing ever page and site listed in the Class notes. The textbook is very easy to understand and interesting to read.
    • From the on-line field trips, quizzes, exercises, and notes to the textbook, workbook, CD, and projects, you have little time to absorb it all.
    • I liked this course a lot, there was not a bunch of boring lectures to attend and it was not only required to attend the lectures and read the book. This course is at your own pace, as long as you keep up with the schedule and their are a variety of sources to look at to enhance the learning experience.
    • All in all, the class is worthwhile and useful if you can keep up, read the material and prepare. Procrastinators should avoid the online version of this class. Not having to go to class everyday is nice for us working folks.
    • I think that this course is very effective and is and is as equally effective as a face to face course.
    • I'm just amazed at the ability to actually use the internet for a classroom! I thought when I first took this course, it would be a "bunny" (easy) but I am just as involved with it as I would be in a classroom setting. Actually, moreso, since the virtual field trips and links are fascinating. I took this course to finish my natural sciences requirement, but I have to say, this is way more fun than my first Natural Science class: astronomy. I loved astronomy until I took that class...Some of the instructors really know how to wring every last bit of enjoyment out of a subject....Anyway, I liked the virtual earthquake especially!
    • I find the self-quizes extremely helpful in putting the information into comparative examples--if that makes any sense. It is that once i see the choices, then i see the bigger picture and am able to categorize all the information into my brain. i would enjoy more time to go on the field trips but i am too busy w/ all the other work in the class--you should maybe replace an early homework assignment w/ a field trip assignment so people will be exposed to them and make more use of them. it is wonderful to have so many resources available to allow for diff. learning styles--me i am a textbook person==habit probably. But the book is absolutely awesome and enjoyable to read or else i would probly do smthg. else. Also, when the text does not explain it well enough, the notes make a great supplement. they are invaluable. i would have to! admit though that i have never been to the textbook home page, and maybe i will have time this segment to check it out. also, i have barely even started the final project , but i plan to dedicate alot of time to it, but i have been busy reading. i have learned a great deal in this class but i have to tell you that i miss the lecture a bit, but the convenience outweighs that. also i think it is a hard thing to adjust to self-pacing and indep. discipline and the weekly quizes help me keep up to date--when they are text related.
    • Despite the unlimited resources available, the course material is too much for one semester.
    • I like this class and i learned alot!!
    • This course has proven to be extremely challenging. by no means is this an easy course just because it's online. but i do think it very interesting and am glad i've made friends through my study group because it really helps having them to bounce questions off of.
    • Too many sources of information to know what to keep on top of (class notes, presentations, quizzes, text book, study guide, CD, web tours, exercises, projects, etc.).
    • this course has allowed me to be 3 hours short of a graduation--i will do those 3 hours in summer school. it has been a lot of hard work but well worth it to fulfill my science requirement. so i thank you for this opportunity!!
    • In a world where information and expectations change faster than Houston weather, the need for working adults to educate themselves is at an all time high. Classes like this one provide people with rigid schedules and diverse obligations the oppotunity to get the credentials they need to achieve their goals. If more courses with this format were offered, I would have graduated nearly two years ago. We have postponed starting a family until I graduate and I only wish that more opportunities like this class will be available to people who don't keep "traditional" hours.
    • the exercises are a great study guide type resources because it makes me get started in looking at the material. The self-quizes are also a great help in studing all the material thrown at us.
    • There seems to be a little much material for this course. Just about all of the freshman level courses I have taken would only have 3 tests and homework exercises or quizzes. This course has both and an 8 page paper. Seems just a little too much of a workload for such a course. I devote more time to this than some of my senior level courses and most of my junior level courses. I would recommend cutting some element out in the future.
    • This course was a little more demanding than I expected. It was not just the amount of work, but the subject matter as well. I never knew that there was so much to know about geology! I guess that's why we're required to take courses like this. It has certainly broadened my perspective about the earth and its processes. The project has been a bit overwhelming for me. I explored many of the online resources, but certainly not all. However, I found that just studying the textbook and doing the self quizzes were sufficient to do decently on the tests. To me the course was like an independent study with a little interaction and accountability. Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of this class so far.
    • I really enjoyed the course, and was pleasantly surprised at the vast amount of information. There were many resources available and once I learned to use those to my advantage, I learned to appreciate the material a little more. It is a tough class so I would not recommend taking it because it is online and rumored to be easy. It's not. It was tough, I enjoyed the challenge.
    • Overall I have to say that this course was difficult. I have taken alot of tape classes and they have a certain amount of discipline involved in them, yet I ace them. You have the tape and you watch it. This gives you the classroom time. However, this class requires the utmost in discipline. You have to read to get class room time and explore the internet. If it was a subject I was interested (shorelines, oceans etc.) in then the internet and reading was okay, but if it was not than I fell behind.

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