chord AB of parabola Y 2 =4aX cut an axis of parabola at C. If A=(at 1 2 ,2at 1 ) and B=(at 2 2 ,2at 2 ) and AC:AB=1:3. then?............... (A)t 2 =2t 1 (B)t 2 +2t 1 =0 (C)t 1 +2t 2 =0 (D)t 1 +t 2 =0

chord AB of parabola Y2=4aX cut an axis of parabola at C. If A=(at12,2at1) and B=(at22,2at2) and AC:AB=1:3. then?...............


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Vijay Mukati
askIITians Faculty 2590 Points
7 years ago
Dear Student,
If AC:AB = 1:3,
then C divides AB in the radio 1:2.
Since axis is the x-axis, therfore, the coordinat of C will be zero. Now just apply the section formula only for the y-coordinate and you will get your answer.

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