if x =2+2^2/3+2^1/3 then values of x^3-6x^2+6x= ?

if x =2+2^2/3+2^1/3 then values of x^3-6x^2+6x= ?



2 Answers

jaymin prajapati
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9 years ago

answer is 2.if we put 2 opposite sidethen become x-2.then we can qube both side.we get answer.

vishvajeet patil
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9 years ago

First of all write what to find i.e for given value of x value of ((x^3-6x^2+6x)) then use the taylor expansion for given equation(consider it as a function for while) which gives


then putting all values in above and expanding cube(which is now simple) we get answer  =  2

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