Range of f(x) =4^x+2^x+1 is?

Range of f(x) =4^x+2^x+1 is?


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Akash Kumar Dutta
98 Points
11 years ago

Dear Dipankar,
Taking 2^x=m and solving the quadratic for getting D>=0
we get range= [3/4 , infinity )

Dipankar Sarma
18 Points
11 years ago

Actually the answer is (1,infinity)

jitender lakhanpal
62 Points
10 years ago

hi dipankar 


domain of f(x) is (- infinity to + infinity )  and f(x) is INCREASING FUNCTION 

so the minimum value of f(x) will be f(- infinity ) that will be 1


and max value will be + infinite we know max value of a^x is + infinite


so the range is [ 1 , infinity[

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