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how to find the rank of a word for example devotee

how to find the rank of a word for example devotee


1 Answers

Godfrey Classic Prince
633 Points
9 years ago

Dear sai sushma,


Given a word all the letters of it are permuted in all possible ways and thus formed words are arranged as in a dictionary. Then the position of the given word is simply called rank of the word.
Procedure to find the rank of a word
Step 1: Write the word and above it,put the alphabetical ordering.
Step 2:Write below,the factorial values starting with 0!(=1) from right to left.
Step 3:Write the number of numbers less than(in top row) the number towards right of it.
Step 4:Multiply the numbers shown by and add.
Step 5:Add "1" to get the rank of the word.
Example:  The rank of the word "MASTER" is
Step 1:        3      1     5     6     2      4
M     A     S     T     E     R
Step 2:     120   24    6     2      1      1
Step 3:    2   0   0
Step 4:     240+0+12+4+0+0=256
Step 5:     256+1=257

Therefore 257 is the rank of the word "MASTER"

Find out in this way the rank of "DEVOTEE" !!

All the Best & Good Luck !!

Hope this helped you immensely..

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