how to find the maximal polynomial for a given matrix

how to find the maximal polynomial for a given matrix



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I will provide you an algorith for the same:



  • Func: the list of constraints between the parameters and polynomial unknown. The polynomial must be the last element of this list. If this last element is a matrix then the considered polynomial is the characteristic polynomial of the matrix (but this is not the more efficient procedure for this case, see next section). If this last argument is Fast_CharPoly(S),Medium_CharPoly(S) or Slow_CharPoly(S) where S is a matrix the polynomial is the characteristic polynomial of the matrix but this polynomial will not be computed by Maple. Instead the procedure Coeff_CharPoly will be used to compute the coefficients of the polynomial: this may be interesting for relatively large matrix.
  • Vars:a list giving the name of the unknown starting with the name of the polynomial unknown
  • Init: a list of ranges for the unknown starting with the range for the polynomial unknown (this element should be set to a large interval and is updated automatically) followed by the ranges for the parameters
  • Type: 0 to find only the minimal root, 1 to find only the maximal root and 2 to find both.
  • Solve: a flag that should usually be set to 3, see the on-line help
  • Rand, Points: the equivalent of the rand and Nb_Points arguments of the C++ procedure
    ALIAS_Min_Max_EigenValues, see the ALIAS-C++ manual
  • Min, Max: minimum and maximum root
  • Pm,PM: values of the parameters at which the minimum and maximum have been obtained

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