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rahul verma Grade: 12

  • if z =cosπ/4+isinπ/6then find mod z and arg(z)

  • the centre of the square ABCD is at the origin .A is a point (2,1) let Bbe (α,β)

product of the possible value of β is

product of the possible value of 2α is

a possible value of 1/3(α-β) is

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Rathod Shankar AskiitiansExpert-IITB
69 Points



mod z= |  sin(π/6) / cos(π/4)|      calculate this by calculator u will get the answer

arg(z) =    tan-1 (sin(π/6) / cos(π/4))  


2)  draw the square (0,0) at origin define a A in the 1st quadrant because it has x as +ve and y also +ve

now go do define BCD from A point

u will find      B  by going anticlockwise from A.

or u will find      B   by going clockwise from A.

alpha has to be  first coordinate

beta has to be second coordinate


but this is square and how do we define square with A(2,1). it has to have 45 degree angles from origin to A because origin is its centre point.

7 years ago
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