what are the tips for preparation of neet medical exam ?A person learn not even one question? How can you suggest that type of people?

what are the tips for  preparation of neet medical exam ?A person  learn not even one question? How can you suggest  that type of people?


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Umakant biswal
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7 years ago
@ divya 
dnt think like that , u dnt knw any single ques , by this your will power to crack neet will be degraded and that is what most imp to crack this exam . 
so, if u havenot started preparation yet and gng to attend neet in 2017 , then just start by the previous year paper now , 
and by this time , focus more on biology ( 11th ) and as 12th bio are very very easy , so, retaining 11th portion will be difficult . 
bio contains 50 percent of ques and have a good weightage , , and after that focus on chemistry easy chapter like electrochemi , surface chemistry , equilibrium , thermo ,  neet asks very simple ques from it and make sure u not leave anything from this chap . 
and in phy , the difficult one u can elave , but take a look at the current electricity , semiconducter , modern physics , and a little bit abt capacitors . 
they are very very imp and make sure u did all ques from previous 5 years paper . 

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