Please give me advice how to prepare physics and chemistry for neet and aims

Please give me advice how to prepare physics and chemistry for neet and aims


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5 years ago

Some tips for studying are:

  • Divide your day into a timetable first of all. say you study 6 hours daily, divide these 6 hours into 5 sets of 1 hour each and remaining one hour as break time in between these 1 hour slots, now assign topics for practicing questions to these slots. You might not be able to complete these or even half of it but don't use time of any other topic for the previous one that's not completed, just leave it at once jitna bhi kiya hai and start the next one. this is definitely helpful to save time and make your day more productive.
  • For physics specially, read the theory and formulas just once and don't use your one hour time just reading the same formulas everytime you study a particular topic. Instead set a goal ofpracticing questions .
  • Try to read NCERT along with your regular classes and don't just leave it for the last time or for AIIMS preparation time. This is my personal experience that I was unable to read some physics chapters even once at the time of boards or entrance exam preparation.
  • Make a formula list of each chapter and include just the formulas in it and not the whole notes thing and read these whenever you get time say before meals etc.
  • You can also use a white board or the back of your room door to write formulas abd keep reading these and updating with the newer ones.
  • Practice as many questions as you can because in the end only this is going to help you and try to get the correct answer in the very first timebecause this actually marks your progress in a particular chapter.

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