how i prepare myself for MBBSand AIIMS?Can you say me plz.

how i prepare myself  for MBBSand AIIMS?Can you say me plz.

Grade:12th pass

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Umakant Biswal
753 Points
7 years ago
dear shibani 
NEET are already over and aiims are 2 days left hardly if i count today . 
so, about which year you are appearing – 2017 or 2018 ?? 
IF 2017 THEN 
1- donot touch any new topics as of now . 
2- just do the mock test ( 2 mock test max. per day ) 
3- revise your strong area . 
4- go with some imp ques of aiims in assertion reason . 
5- follow proper strategy and keep clearing the concept . 
kindly approve 

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