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i read it soomewhere that if your performance in 3 years at NIT is good and based on your professors recommendation one can get the chance to study 4th year in IIT with degree from IIT after an Interview for entrance . Is it true or not. Please Reply as soon as possible.And if it is true please provide me with the link or something that will prove it. Thank You
2 years ago

Answers : (3)

Vijay Mukati
askIITians Faculty
2591 Points
										It is not possible. Only you can do your thesis work in IIT that to if both the professor agress on it. But you will not get the degree from the IIT.
2 years ago
615 Points
it is not possible
only thesis work is done in iit
2 years ago
Soneel Verma
823 Points
Did you get admission in an NIt? are you already studying over there? Or it was just a random question for knowledge sake?.....look if you are asking just for the sake of your knowledge, then mark it that one can only get thesis work at IIT.......on the other hand if you are after quality and better placements then you should not get yourself engrossed with these like suggestion is to get quality education from an institution which is very well known for placements and quality education....some of them are – Kalyani Govt Engg college, Nadia..............Banasthali Uni, Banasthali,..........Lovely Professional uni, Phagwara,.........TKM College of Engg, Kollam
2 years ago
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