what is the procedure of getting scholarship in aieee....?

what is the procedure of getting scholarship in aieee....?



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1.Guidance counselors. Your school probably has a Guidance Office with counselors that offer information regarding post-secondary education. This includes scholarship offers. Make yourself known to your counselor- once they know you, they're an invaluable source of quick, free scholarship tips and listings. Guidance counselors and teachers may also be able to help you with your application essays or portfolios as well as provide you with reference letters.

2.Online scholarship search engines. This is another great, quick way to find lots of scholarships. You first have to fill in a questionnaire based on your grades and activities as well as your study prospects. The website then matches your results with applicable scholarships. Here's a list of a few such websites:

- TheCollegeBoard Schoalrship Searchis done by the same people who administer theSAT, so you're guaranteed good results for American scholarships.-Scholarship.comoffers a similar service. -ScholarshipsCanadaspecialize in scholarships for Canadian institutions. -StudentAwardsoffers articles and winner profiles as well as a scholarship search.3.Institutes. Pretty much every school you may wish to apply for has a Scholarship and Financial Aid program. You can find out by checking the school's website (navigate to it using ourschool finder), or calling the Undergrad Office for more information.

4.Check around you. Workplaces, large companies, banks, community organizations like the scouts, governments, and plenty of other places all offer scholarships. It's just a matter of searching their websites or calling to find out whether their scholarships can suit you. Your family and friends may be able to help too- ask them if they've heard of any interesting scholarships at their workplaces or elsewhere.

5.Notable scholarshipsare easy to find. Here are some examples:

-National Merit Scholarship, a US academic merit scholarship.

-Canada Millennium Scholarship, a similar Canadian Scholarship.

-Commonwealth Scholarships, a scholarship program in Commonwealth countries including the UK, Canada, India and more.

Find more of these on Wikipedia or just Google "Scholarships".

There's lots of easy ways to find scholarships. Start looking now!

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