can i get schedule for online test series

can i get schedule for online test series


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Dear Students,

The All India Test Series 09-10 for those appearing for JEE in 2010 is as follows:


AITS 09-10        
Test Number Date Physics Chemistry Maths
AITS/09/XII/PT-1 6th September'09 Physical World and Measurement Some basic Concepts of Chemistry Sets, Relations and Functions(Introduction)
    Kinematics Redox Reactions  Logarithms
    Laws of Motion Equilivalence Concept Complex Numbers
    Work, Energy and Power States of Matter Quadratic Equations
      Atomic Structure Sequences and Series
      Classification of elements and periodicity  
      Chemical Bonding  
AITS/09/XII/PT-2 20th September'09 Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry Trigonometry
    Gravitation Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium Straight Lines and Family of Straight Lines
    Mechanics of Solids and Fluids Chemical Kinetics and Nuclear Chemistry Circles
    Heat and Thermodynamics Solid State Conic Sections
      Solutions Vectors
      Electrochemistry Three-Dimensional Geometry
AITS/09/XII/PT-3 11th October'09 Oscillations Extraction of elements Permutations and Combinations
    Waves Hydrogen Binomial Theorem
    Electrostatics s-Block Elements Exponential and Logarithmic Series
    Current Electricity p-Block Elements Probability
      d- and f- Block elements  
      Coordination compounds & organometallics  
      Surface Chemistry  
AITS/09/XII/PT-4 25th October'09 Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism Organic Chemistry - Basic Principles Functions, Limits and Continuity
    Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current Hydrocarbons Differentiation
    Electromagnetic Waves Alkyl and Aryl halides Applications of Derivatives
      Alcohols and Phenols Matrices and Determinants
AITS/09/XII/PT-5 15th November'09 Optics Carboxylic acids and Derivatives Indefinite Integrals
    Dual Nature of Matter and X rays Amines and other Nirtrogen containing compounds Definite Integrals
    Modern Physics Carbohydrates and Amino acids Differential Equations
      Qualitative Analysis  
AITS/09/XII/FT-1 6th December'09 Full Course Full Course Full Course
AITS/09/XII/FT-2 20th December'09 Full Course Full Course Full Course
AITS/09/XII/HT-1 17th January'10 Full Course Full Course Full Course
AITS/09/XII/HT-2 7th February'10 Full Course Full Course Full Course
AITS/09/XII/FT-3 21st March'10 Full Course Full Course Full Course
AITS/09/XII/FT-4 28th March'10 Full Course Full Course Full Course
AITS/09/XII/FT-5 4th April'10 Full Course Full Course Full Course
PT-Phase Test        
FT-Full Test        
HT-Home based practice Test        

We are working on the schedule for AITS 09-11.It will be posted very shortly.


Manas Grover

AskIITians Team

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