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Sir, I got Barch at NIT Tiruchirapalli ,Please tell me about Barch carrer and salary after Barch,I have to join there on 19 th. I will join after your reply .

I got Barch at NIT Tiruchirapalli ,Please tell me about Barch carrer and salary after Barch,I have to join there on 19 th. I will join after your
reply .


2 Answers

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points
12 years ago


Substantial increase in investments in the construction sector has been recorded year after year. As far as architects are concerned, there is a huge gap in the demand and supply. Annual requirement projections of architects stands over 10,000 which is expected to rise further and the training facilities available are still short. All these factors contribute in making this field a very competetive one with healthy career prospects.

Employment opportunities for architects are available in government as well as private sectors. Some of the government organisations include Public Works Department, the Archaeological Department, Ministry of Defence, Departments of Railways, Post and Telegraphs, Public Sector Undertakings, National Building Organisation, Town and Country Planning Organisation, National Institute of Urban Affairs, Housing and Urban Development Corporation, National Building Construction Corporation Ltd., City Development Authorities etc. Besides these organisations, various other institutes and agencies like State Departments, Housing Boards, Local Bodies responsible for construction works also recruit architects.

Openings in the private sector exist with the Builders, Architecture Firms, Consultants etc. Architects with some experience can even set up their own business as Consultants and Contractors.

Published by the United States government, the Occupational Outlook Handbook provides a brief summary of employment statistics gathered a couple years ago. Their findings:

  • The median annual earnings for architects in May 2006 was about $64,150
  • The middle 50 percent earned between $49,780 and $83,450
  • The lowest 10 percent earned less than $39,420
  • The highest 10 percent earned more than $104,970
  • Architects just starting their internships earned considerably less
The Occupational Outlook Handbook also gives information about careers in architecture. These are the salaries in US , nt in India which ofourse would be lesser but u still gt prospects outside india too, so watever u do, take interest in it , coz finally it wud be ur academic performance that would help u find ur dreamjob. banwa
8 Points
12 years ago

i am praveenbanwa ,which branch is better between electrical & electronics& civil

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