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padma desikan Grade: 12

I want to know what does HS in rank indicate inthe opening and closing rank website posted by you.I think those are AIR of that state candidates. Is that what points to the 50% reservation for that state candidates. then wat do they do with state ranks?
totally confused and need help

7 years ago

Answers : (3)

pramod kumar
34 Points

HS means home state ,that state from which student passed his +2 .yes, on ccb website , it is the AIR rank of tht state rank candidate. home state rank is only for convenience of student to help them to know their rank at state level  ,in order to  get within 50% home state seats ,but only AIR is taken into account for seat allotment.if this information really helps you, then plz reply  yes or no.

7 years ago
padma desikan
16 Points

Hello Promod,

Thank you for your reply. But I dont clearly get ur point. Tell me if state rank of a candidate plays any role in getting into the NIT of that state.and brief me about that 50%reservation for home state quota

Anyway I will approve ur answer

thank you

7 years ago
pramod kumar
34 Points

ok,i'll make you understand,now ,if a college has 120 seats ,out of which 60 seats are reserved for home state students(by 50% quota) and 60 seats are for ALL INDIA students.IF a student's home state rank is <=60 , then only he can get that college.since,on ccb site ,opening and closing ranks are based on AIR , it means ,first 60 students(based on AIR) of home state, get that you can say that to get admission in college , home state rank for students of that state and AIR for students of other state is taken into account....

7 years ago
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