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write the difference between evaporation and boiling

write the difference between evaporation and boiling


2 Answers

25763 Points
4 years ago

Evaporation occurs on the surface of liquid and it is a vaporization of liquid. It is a state of transition from liquid to gaseous state. The process occurs slowly and cannot be seen as well. It occurs when there is exposure of water to air and water molecules change into vapor and these vapors rise up and form clouds.

Boiling occurs on the entire mass of liquid and it is the vaporization of liquid. It occurs rapidly. It happens when the vapor pressure of the liquid is equal to the pressure exerted by the environmental pressure on liquid. It is a state of phase transition. The boiling occurs in three different stages: nucleate boiling, transition boiling and film boiling

praveen kumar
144 Points
3 years ago
evaparation is a process of converting liquid phase into gaseous state at any temperatue below its boilng point.It is a surface phenomenon.
boiling the process of converting liquid to gaseous but it occurs at the specific point of temperature.It is the bulk phenomenon.different liquids have different boinling points.

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