Why does Ca does not go with the 2n 2 rule?

Why does Ca does not go with the 2n2 rule?


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Saurabh Kumar
askIITians Faculty 2400 Points
8 years ago
But, according to the 2n2 rule, the M-shell can hold upto 18 e-. So, doesn't this mean that the e- configuration of Ca can also be written as 2,8,9,1 or say, 2,8,7,3 or something..
Really the only way to know is through experiment or possibly very high level calculations that include relativity and quantum electrodynamics. As atomic number increases, the problem becomes more and more complex. It isn't necessarily true that one configuration accurately describes the ground state.

For example for Lawrencium (element 103), for which no experimental determination has been made, you will see some periodic tables that say it has a 7p electron (8 electrons in the P shell and 3 electrons in the Q shell) and some that say it has a 6d electron (9 electrons in the P shell and 2 electrons in the Q shell).
Saurabh Singh
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8 years ago
Because 2n2 rule is just a general formula for our understanding. Im not sure but would like to help. Actually, there are sub-shells in each shell. The electrons move in different sub-shells. This decides the electronic configuration.

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