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Which non-metal has very high melting and boiling points?

Which non-metal has very high melting and boiling points?

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 9723 Points
19 days ago
Melting and boiling points are related to change of states and thus depend on the interactions of particles in the states. Complete step by step answer: We know that the three states of matter can be interconverted giving rise to different processes such as fusion, sublimation, condensation etc. We can understand these conversions in terms of energy of the particles in each state and with the knowledge that particles in gaseous state have the highest energy, those in the solid state have the lowest and the liquid state comes in between. When we heat a solid, it doesn’t melt away immediately but takes up some time for there is a minimum energy requirement for particles to get converted into liquid state. The temperature at which both the states are in equilibrium is called melting point. So we can say that substances with high melting point require more energy to make the inter-particle interaction weaker enough that a change in state can take place. Similarly, we can see that when we heat a liquid, it doesn’t get boiled immediately but also takes up some time. The temperature at which the liquid and the gaseous states are in equilibrium is called boiling point. Here also, we can say that substances with high boiling point require more energy. We can deduce from the above discussion that high melting and boiling points are characteristics of strong inter-particle interaction in a substance. From the periodic table, we know that non-metals are positioned on the right side and metals are on the left side. The non-metal, carbon in diamond form, is the hardest substance due to the strongest interaction among the carbon atoms. Hence, it is carbon in diamond form which has very high melting and boiling points. Note: It is usually metallic nature to have high melting points but there are exceptions. One example is mercury which is a metal but exists in liquid state at room temperature.

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