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The advantages of each chemicsl bonding and its example

The advantages of each chemicsl bonding and its example

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 9723 Points
11 months ago
Answer ::

There are four main types of chemical bonds by joins molecules together: ionic bonds, covalent bonds, polar bonds as well as hydrogen bonds :--

Ionic :-- Ionic compounds have several important advantages. They have very high melting and boiling points because their ions are bonded together so well. Ionic compounds are very strong and are difficult to break.
Example : An atom of sodium (Na) donates one of its electrons to an atom of chlorine (Cl) in a chemical reaction, and the resulting positive ion (Na+) and negative ion (Cl−) form a stable ionic compound (sodium chloride; common table salt) based on this ionic bond.

Covalent :-- Covalent compounds are held together by weak vander walls forces of attraction and they may be solid ,liquid or gas . a) They are very rigid and directional. b) High strength because the shared pair of electrons keeps them together.
Example : metane (CH4) , CO etc.

Polar :- This partial charge is an important property of water and accounts for many of its characteristics. Water is a polar molecule, with the hydrogen atoms acquiring a partial positive charge and the oxygen a partial negative charge.
Example : water (H2O): Water is an excellent example of hydrogen bonding.
Example : Hydrogen fluoride (HF) is an example of polar bond.

Hydrogen bond :-- Hydrogen bonding is important in many chemical processes. Hydrogen bonding is responsible for water's unique solvent capabilities. Hydrogen bonds hold complementary strands of DNA together, and they are responsible for determining the three-dimensional structure of folded proteins including enzymes and antibodies.


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