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How is soil formed? How is soil formed? How is soil formed?

 How is soil formed?
 How is soil formed?
 How is soil formed?


1 Answers

Harshit Singh
askIITians Faculty 5965 Points
8 months ago
Dear Student

Factors that helps in the formation of soil and the process of formation is:
(1) The Sun: Sun heats up rocks during the day so that they expand. At night these rocks cool down and contract, this causes cracks in the rocks.
(2) Water: Water during rainfall enter these cracks, if this water freezes, it exerts pressure on the cracks and the rocks break. When water flows, it wears the hard rock and carries small particles of rock down stream.
(3) Wind: Strong winds erode rocks down, which rub with each other and small particles are carried away by wind.
(4) Living Organisms: Like lichen grows on the surface of the rock, they release certain substances that causes the rock surface to powder down and form a thin layer of soil.


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