How do i crack JSTSE? Which timetable should i make for it considering it is on 15 th December. I am not going to school and preparing for it. Please guide me. (don’t copy answers from quora)

How do i crack JSTSE? Which timetable should i make for it considering it is on 15th December. I am not going to school and preparing for it. Please guide me. 
(don’t copy answers from quora)


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Vikas TU
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4 years ago
Dear stuent 
Follow NCERT religiously . 
Understand the material 
Go to pactice question 
For Exam preperation give as more test series as you can. 
Good Luck 
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3 years ago

In jstse the most crucial subject is gk it can either increase your marks and thus your chances of clearing the cut off or will destroy your chances. Gk generally have questions with current affairs, history, geography having questions on national parks and states, general science etc.

Currents affairs basically ask questions which have occured before october. You can prepare current affairs from gk economy etc also you should be self awared of general topics like GDP or indian economy if you daily read newspaper. Not much deep or difficult questions are asked in current affairs.

For rest (sst and general science) i recommend you to read Lucent' general knowledge or arihant's

Now coming to science and maths . NCERT IS MUST

for further knowledge

Chemistry: consists of generally general science questions and basics of 10th like carbon and its compound(only basics)

Physics : it will include many questions to test your basic knowledge but calculation based question will come from motion, force and work&energy

Bio : full ncert with some general science question (diversity chapter is important)

Maths : you'll be able to crack it very easily if you have the practice not only ncert but questions will be similar to those asked in imo(by sof) or iom(by silverzone) or any other olympiad but not of RMO level

The time consuming part will be physics and maths so try to solve gk chemistry and bio first with your full speed and with accuracy too as it will leave you with plenty of time for phy and maths too

Although you still have plenty of time to prepare but as you have asked for only 3 month, it's also a long duration of time

In these 3 months i recommend you to complete lucent as much (as much you can dont go too deep), solve previous year papers, if possible weekly do a mock paper and improve your speed

Rest assured it's not that difficult exam, you just need to be a little good in speed and accuracy

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3 years ago
I am a JSTSE Scholar so I think I can nudge u in the right direction.
For should just focus on GK. You can get heaps of material in the market but you should choose the one which is accurate and required. I don't know about Aakash or FIITJEE but I had subscribed to's Apex Course and It helped me a lot.
For the SAT Section, prefer standard books and test series 
Work hard with full dedication and I am sure you that you will crack JSTSE :)
Manil Kumar
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2 years ago
Actually in SAT you need to be thorough with your NCERT also study from references also.
In Mat be prepared by reading newspapers, solving logical reasoning it may come...
Read GK about INDIA 
And you'll surely succeed 
Best of Luck 

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