Write a short paragraph on the harms caused by microorganisms.

Write a short paragraph on the harms caused by microorganisms.

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Pawan Prajapati
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2 years ago
Microorganisms are harmful to us in many ways. For example, microorganisms, called pathogens cause disease in humans, plants and animals. Pathogens or germs enter a healthy body through air, water, contaminated food and infected person by direct or indirect contact or by the carrier. Common ailments like cold, influenza (flu), cough, polio, chicken pox are caused by viruses. Foot and mouth diseases in the cattle are also caused by viruses. Typhoid, tuberculosis (TB) are caused by bacteria. Anthrax a dangerous human and cattle diseases is also caused by bacteria. Diseases like dysentery and malaria are caused by protozoa. Ringworm is caused by fungi. Several microbes causes diseases in plants and thus reduces the yield. Citrus canker, a bacterial disease, affects trees of citrus fruit and is spread by air. Bhendi yellow vein mosaic disease is caused by a virus and is spread by insects in lady fingers. Rust of wheat is a fungal disease spread through air. Microorganisms that grow on our food sometimes produce toxic substances. These make the food poisonous causing serious illness and even death. This food-borne illness is called food poisoning.

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