Which place in Tamil Nadu is known as ‘Little Japan’? A. Perambur B. Allankulam C. Sivakasi D. Puliyur

Which place in Tamil Nadu is known as ‘Little Japan’?
A. Perambur
B. Allankulam
C. Sivakasi
D. Puliyur

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Pawan Prajapati
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one year ago
Hint:This city known as Little Japan is famous for the production of firecrackers and is also called the cracker city of India. It earns a lot of foreign currency for the Indian government and is the source of supply of more than 95% of the firecrackers around the world. Complete answer:During the early 1960s, India was under great famine and lots of people were unemployed and it was this time, that the people of Sivakasi joined hands with each other and decided to promote themselves without expecting any aid from the Indian Government and were able to rise on their own to achieve a self-reliant, high industrial growth rate especially in the production Fireworks, matches, printing and various sub-industries related to those industries. As a result of this, the city of Sivakasi contributes to 90% of the total production of fireworks in India and is also a major supplier around the world. It contributes about 80% of the safety matches produced in India and also a total of 60% of the offset printing solutions of the country. The town of Sivakasi is the highest paying town in terms of sales, excise, and customs duty. The town has achieved 100% employment. Since Japan is the world leader in the production of electronics, Sivakasi is the leader in the production of printing products, fireworks, and safety matches. So the name Little Japan was given to the town of Sivakasi. Thus, the correct answer is C. Note: The name Kutty Japan was given to Sivakasi by Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru (First Prime Minister of India). Kutty in Tamil means Mini. So Kutty Japan stands for Mini Japan.

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