List the differences between the central Highland and the deccan plateau in tabular form.

List the differences between the central Highland and the deccan plateau in tabular form.

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The peninsular plateau is composed of old crystalline, igneous and metamorphic rock. It was formed due to the breaking and drifting of the Gondwana land. The plateau consists of two broad divisions: A. The central Highland B. The deccan plateau Complete answer: Central Highland Deccan Plateau Lies to the north of Narmada river covering major area of Malwa plateau Triangular landmass to the south of river Narmada Vindhyan range is bound by the central Highlands on the south and the Aravallis on the Northwest Satpura range bound its broad base in the north. Main river of this area is Chambal, Sindh, the Betwa and Ken. Main river of this area is Godavari, Krishna, and Kaveri. Eastward extension of this plateau is locally known as Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand. The western and the easter ghats marks the western and eastern edges of the Deccan plateau The Chota Nagpur plateau marks the further eastward extension,drained by Damodar river Mahadev, Kainur hills and the Maikal range from its eastern extension They are limited by the Aravalli Mountains, Vindhya Range, Malwa and Chota Nagpur Plateau. They are limited by the Eastern and Western ghats. Note: Deccan plateau is separated by a fault from Chotanagpur plateau. The distinct feature of the peninsular plateau is the Black soil area known as Deccan Trap. An extension of Deccan plateau is visible in northeast locally known as Meghalaya, Karbi Anglong plateau and North Chachar hills. Three prominent hill ranges of the Deccan plateau from west to east are Garo,Khasi and Jaintia hills.

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