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Grade: 8
1200 soldiers in a fort had enough food for 28 days.After 4 days some soldiers were transferred to another fort and the food lasted now for 32 more days.How many soldiers left the fort? Are the expressions 32 MORE DAYS (used in this question), and just 32 DAYS same?Will the answer be same in both cases.Please solve and and also answer my second query.Thanks
300 soldiers left.
Initial soldiers =1200 and the number of days they can take food is: 28
Let soldiers left after few left = n
So n number of soldiers took food for 32 days.
1200×28 = 1200×4 + n × 32
n = 900
Therefore 1200-900 => 300 soldiers left.
Food lasted for 32 more days is 32+4 , total 36 days.
Food lasted for 32 days is 28 + 4, total 32 days.
my question is why i started from 1200x28 ?
what is 1200x28 ?
what is coming in my mind to start with 1200x28 ?
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

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Thats start with this equation
1200×28 = 1200×4 + n × 32
beacuse  food ,soldiers eats in 28 days is equal to  food soldiers eat to another fort which increase days to 32,after 4 days 
this is the only way you can think..
hope i helped you..
3 years ago
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