What are villi? What component of food does it help to digest and how?

What are villi? What component of food does it help to digest and how?


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The lining (or inner wall) of small intestine in human body contains finger like projections.  This is called as villi. The villi has very large surface area which allows for rapid absorption of digested food products  consumed .
Villi help in absorbing nutrients to blood stream. Villi is contains huge network of blood vessels and a small lymphatic vessel. This arrangement is called as lacteal. This will help in absorbing proteins, carbohydrates,  vitamins, minerals and lipids. Few  products of digestion (like amino acid and glucose) will be passed into these blood vessel network and then to hepatic portal vein. This is then carried into the liver.
Fat is produced when the fatty acid and glycerol is recombined in the lining which is then absorbed in to the lacteals. It will then pass into lymphatic vessel which is discharged into the bloodstream.
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Intestinal villi  are small, finger-like projections that extend into the lumen of the small intestine. Each villus is approximately 0.5–1.6 mm in length (in humans), and has many microvilli projecting from the enterocytes of its epithelium which collectively form the striated or brush border. Each of these microvilli are much smaller than a single villus. The intestinal villi are much smaller than any of the circular folds in the intestine.

Villi increase the internal surface area of the intestinal walls making available a greater surface area for absorption. An increased absorptive area is useful because digested nutrients (including monosaccharide and amino acids) pass into the semipermeable villi through diffusion, which is effective only at short distances. In other words, increased surface area (in contact with the fluid in the lumen) decreases the average distance travelled by nutrient molecules, so effectiveness of diffusion increases. The villi are connected to the blood vessels so the circulating blood then carries these nutrients away.

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