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Question: Difference between population and community is

Question: Difference between population and community is


2 Answers

Rituraj Tiwari
askIITians Faculty 1792 Points
9 months ago
A population may be defined as a group of individuals belonging to a single species. The units of study are populations. Study of interaction between individuals in terms of growth, reproduction, dispersal etc., constitutes population ecology.A community may be defined as populations of different species living together in a common habitat. The members of a community may be plants as well as animals.
ankit singh
askIITians Faculty 614 Points
9 months ago
AA Population is group of organisms of the SAME species living in the same area at the same time and sharing a common gene pool. ... In ecology, the term Community refers to the populations of animals and plants that live within a specific region under similar environmental conditions

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