IIT based questions for class 7 ncret syllabus science

IIT based questions for class 7 ncret syllabus science


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5 years ago
Dear student
Please attach the image.
I will be happy to help you.
Arun (askIITians forum expert)
Siddharth Singh
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5 years ago
Student...plzz attach a question which you want to be done by us....ready and happy to help u......Thanksgiving
Francis Reddy
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5 years ago
please attach the question 
if u attach the question we can answer the question u have given to us 
we will be happy to give an answer to uu
Ayush Anand
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5 years ago
You can buy Pearson IIT Foundation for class 7 beacyse that will really train you for cracking JEE IIT. I too have it.
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5 years ago
The Attachment is not Avaliable.Please post the attachment
Attach the attachment so that we can answer your question.
S.A arunkumar
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4 years ago
food pipe, mouth, stomach,small interstine,large interstine are the organs of the digestive system in our body
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4 years ago
dear student
you only learn the chapters in your course
and for your extra knowledge you can go to our nso olympaid books only
now contrate on the 7 science book and when you got extra time so you lean fom internet

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